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Two Days International Seminar

with Jan Roubal



June 03-04, 2021

Шероховатый бумаги

Psychotherapy -
it is both art and science

Gestalt therapists are known to value their

creative work

here and now 

This is reflected in their ability to use their

own awareness and intuition towards the particular aesthetic sensations of the therapeutic situation, the situations they create together with the client at work,

and which guides them in the process of psychotherapy


Then, how can science be involved into Gestalt therapy
without damaging this artistic treasure of our approach? 

One possible answer will be presented at this seminar.


In recent years, the concept of case formulation has become very popular in various psychotherapeutic approaches.


However, in Gestalt therapy it is still poorly formulated.

The case formulation allows the information from the therapeutic process to be integrated into a single coherent picture, which then provides recommendations for further necessary steps in therapy.

It can be used for therapist self-reflection after a session during supervision or psychotherapeutic training.

Who is this seminar for?

For Gestalt therapists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists working in different modalities

For graduate students of the Gestalt therapy program

For 4th and 5th year students of psychological faculties of the universities,

as well as for Master's students

Кавказский Институт сайт 1-2.png

What will happen at the seminar?


This workshop will present the concept of case formulation in general,

and will also show you the possibilities of its use in Gestalt therapy methodology.


Participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills needed to develop case formulations in Gestalt therapy.


It will be presented how Gestalt therapy practitioners can use case formulation to connect their practice with theory in ways that support their daily work.

Шероховатый бумаги

Seminar Presenter


Jan Roubal


Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy, University Associate Professor. Masaryk (Brno, Czech Republic). 

Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist. 

EAGT Accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor. 

Chairman of the EAGT Scientific Committee until 2019. 

Trainer and supervisor of international training programs in psychotherapy. 

Works at Psychosocial Research Center.

Founder of the Gestalt Therapy Studio in the Czech Republic, 


Author and director of training programs for Gestalt therapists, courses -

“Training in integrated psychotherapy.”


Author and co-author of three books:

“Modern Psychotherapy”, “Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice from Psychopathology to Aesthetics of Contact" and "Towards a Research Tradition in Gestalt therapy ." 

Terms of Participation


June 03-04, 2021


11:00-19:00 Tbilisi time

10:00-18:00 Kyiv and Moscow time

Course Language:

English and Russian

Cost of Participation:

225 Euro (or equivalent in other currencies), 

For CIGTFP students - 125 Euros 

for GAGT members - 175 Euro

Gift for Seminar Participants:

free participation at the lecture by Jan Roubal

June 05, 2021

Depression - therapeutic strategies

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