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Caucasus Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy and Sophia Verulashvili
invites you to a three-year advanced training program

"The Now-for-Next" in Gestalt Therapy
Development and Psychopathology in a Fie
ld Perspective

The first group of the mentioned program graduates in December 2023.

Admission for the second group is open!


Join this unique exclusive program!

Director of the program, author of the idea and organizer - Sofia Verulashvili

Program Director, Leader and Supervisor - Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

Italy's leading trainers
EAGT accredited therapists and supervisors
They will share their experience with you for 3 years!

November 9-13, 2022

Caucasus Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy in collaboration with Gestalt Institute of Italy

Офис кофе-брейк

Exams and certificate

Within 3 years, participants will pass exams.
In the first year (4th seminar), they will fill-in questionnaires about the theory, methodology and Gestalt therapy.


In the 2nd year (8th seminar) they will present one Gestalt written (literal) record.
In the third year (12th workshop), participants will present a written description (aesthetically and phenomenologically) of a therapy with a client that lasted at least 8 sessions.


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a diploma by two institutes in accordance with international standards, which will recognize your advanced qualifications in Gestalt therapy and psychopathology, as well as in the European and international professional community.

Trainers of the Program

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

Silvia Tosi

Fabiola Maggio

Pietro Andrea Cavaleri

Roberta La Rosa

Alessia Repossi

Michele Cannavò

Rosanna MiIitello

Giancarlo Pintus

Rosanna Biasi

Maxim Mishchenko

Peppe Cannella

Barbara Crescimanno

Valeria Rubino

Giuseppe Mirone

Who is This Program for?

The registration for the program is allowed for Gestalt therapists who have at least Master's degree in medicine and psychology and have received education in Gestalt therapy in accordance with the EAGT educational training standards and, accordingly, who are engaged in private practice relevant to the professional qualifications and competencies of EAGT Gestalt therapists.

Preference is given to those who have a doctorate degree in psychology, social work, psychiatry, philosophy, sociology and have EAGT accreditation as a therapist or supervisor.

Duration and Format of the Program

Program Duration: 2022-2025

Totally 12 five-day seminars,

4 seminars per year.

See the program agenda below.

Meetings will be held online until quarantine restrictions are lifted
Then - training will take place offline, in Georgia

Выпускники Холдинг Дипломы

About the Author and Presenter of the Program

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb - Doctor of Philosophy, Director of the Gestalt Institute of Italy (Syracuse, Palermo, Milan), International trainer of Gestalt therapy and psychopathology, as well as supervisor of training programs.


Mrs. Spagnuolo-Lobb is a full member of NYIGT, SPR, GTA.

She is the President of the Italian Federation of Recognized Gestalt Training Institutes (FISIG), former president of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), founder and Honorary President of the Italian Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy (SIPG).

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb is the author and editor of 250 publications and 13 books.

Her book "The Now-for-Next in Psychotherapy. Gestalt Therapy Recounted in Post Modern Society" (2013) has been translated into 8 languages and is currently being translated into Georgian.

Her works: "Aesthetic Relational Knowledge", "Polyphonic Development of Domains" and "Dance Steps between Psychotherapist and Client" are concepts that are in collaborations with different universities. See more details on the website:


 Topics and Schedule of Seminar

Seminar N1

November 09-13, 2022

Silvia Tosi and Fabiola Maggio

  • The theory of self in GT

  • the experience of contact-withdrawal in a field

  • The concept of psychopathology in Gestalt therapy: Neurotic, psychotic, borderline, traumatized experiences and their fields.

Seminar N2

April 25-19, 2023

Silvia Tosi and Fabiola Maggio,

  • Development and the concept of Polyphonic development of domains.

  • GT with children

  • Dance steps

Seminar N3

March 08-12, 2023

Pietro Cavaleri, Roberta La Rosa

  • Phenomenological turn in psychotherapy

  • Awareness of the Field: the Aesthetic Relational Knowledge

  • Working with a field perspective

Seminar N4

June 21-25, 2023

Silvia Tosi and Alessia Repossi

  • The Now-for-Next principle for families and siblings

  • An aesthetic model for parenthood

  • Working with adolescents in GT

  • Exams: Answer questionnaires on the
    theory and methodology of Gestalt therapy.

Seminar N5

October 11-15, 2023

Michele Cannavò and Rosanna Militello

  • Bodily experience​

  • Psychosomatic suffering

  • Traumatic experiences in early age

Seminar N6

December 06-10, 2023

Pietro Cavaleri and Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

  • Now-for-next principle for couples: a
    Gestalt therapy model

Seminar N7

February 07-11, 2024

Giancarlo Pintus and Rosanna Biasi

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Panic attacks

Seminar N8

April 10-14, 2024

Giancarlo Pintus and Max Mitshenko

  • Narcissism 

  • Borderline and ppersonality disorders. 

  • Exams: present in Georgian or Russian,
    and in English a written transcript of the session

Seminar N9

September 25-29, 2024

Barbara Crescimanno and Peppe Cannella

  • Traumatic experiences in adults: neurosciences and GT

  • Eating disorders

Seminar N10

December 04-08, 2024

Valeria Rubino and Peppe Cannella

  • Dissociation and PTSD​

  • Psychosis

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Depression

Seminar N11

February 19-23, 2025

Pietro Andrea Cavaleri and Giuseppe Mirone

  • The Now-for-next principle for group psychotherapy

  • A model to support the living birth for couples​

Seminar N12

April 23-27, 2025

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Fabiola Maggio

  • The creative style of each participant.

  • supervision seminar
    Exams: a description (in aesthetic and
    phenomenological way) of a therapy that
    lasted at least 8 sessions (in Russian or
    Georgian and in English)

Cost of participation in the program

8,000 euros

cost of the entire program

2,666 euros

Tuition fee per year

Payment is possible in installments

Before the start of the program

(no later than September 15, 2022)

participants shall make an advance payment of 2500 euros and the rest payment shall be paid in installment with 500/500 euros (11 times) during each training seminar

(except the last one).



The pre-payment of 2500 euros is not refundable if the student has already been admitted into the program and does not notify the Institute’s management of his decision not to participate in the program no later than September 15, 2022!

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