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Синий с градиентом крем

Online Lecture

with Monica Bronzini



May 28, 2021

Шероховатый бумаги

Gestalt therapists do not separate a person as a soul and a body but they consider the person as a whole.

"Thoughts, feelings, emotions, speech, bodily manifestations -
we consider all this to be an expression of the life of one and indivisible person.

For a Gestalt therapist, the body is both a source of information about the client’s condition and an object of therapeutic influence.


The body is a kind of door for client's contact.


The body reflects a person's inner world, his feelings, needs, creative adaptations and beliefs.


Restoring bodily processes can be a key factor in healing and restoring personal functioning.



Босые ноги

Any phenomenon in our life has both mental and physical components,
and one is inseparable from the other


As James Kepner wrote:

The discussion of bodily processes should be seen as the existential messages of the rejected parts of the "self"


The therapist's task is to understand these messages.


Bodywork can be thought of as focusing on the manifestations of the client's body or as a therapeutic intervention in which you touch the client with your hands.

Who is this seminar for?

For Gestalt therapists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists working in different modalities

For Gestalt Institute students

For students of psychological faculties of universities

For anyone interested in psychology

Шероховатый бумаги

Lecture Presenter


Monica Bronzini


Member of the Tuscan Order of Psychologists

 Accredited Gestalt therapist and EAGT supervisor

(of EAGT Professional Competence and Qualifications Committee)

 Trainer of the theory and methodology of Gestalt Therapy and group supervisor of the Caucasus Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy

 Practice of psychotherapy - for more than 20 years

 Works with self-esteem, affectivity, relationships and family difficulties, conducts therapy groups, works with panic attacks, anxiety, eating disorders, bulimia, family psychotherapy.

Terms of Participation


May 28, 2022





Italian with Russian translation

Cost of Participation:

25 Euro (or equivalent in other currencies),  

For members of the Georgian National Association of Gestalt Therapists - 15 Euro

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